Roger, Anita and Nanny Clip Art

all-original transparent png and gif images of Roger, Anita, Nanny, Jasper, Horace, Pongo, Perdita, Fidget and other puppies

Last updated July 1st 2023

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Nanny dusting off puppiesNanny giving puppies treatsNanny, pupppiesNanny, Jasper, HoraceNanny dustingNanny discovering the puppies are missingNanny bringing puppy to pongoRoger, Anita and Nanny with LuckyRoger, PongoRoger driving a double-decker bus full of puppiesRoger and Anita taking Pongo and Perdita for a twilight walkRoger, Anita and Nanny with LuckyRoger, Anita, Pongo, PerditaRoger, Pongo on a walkRoger, PongoRoger, puppyRoger, PongoAnita, Perdita walkingPerdita, AnitaPerdita, Anita on a walkRoger, Anita huggingRoger, Anita, Pongo, Perdita, puppies reunionRoger, Anita wedding

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