Duffy and Friends Clip Art (png Images)

all-original transparent png images of Duffy the Disney Bear, Shellie May, Stella Lou, Gelatoni, Tippy Blue, Cookie, 'Olu and LinaBell

Last updated March 1st 2022

Terms of Use: These images were drawn (by tracing) and colored by Disneyclips.com, and are for non-commercial use. When sharing, include a source or credit link. Don't redistribute/upload as part of a bulk collection of images.

Duffy, chocolate heartDuffy the BearDuffy the BearDuffy, GelatoniGelatoni painting with his tailGelatoniShellie May sitting downShellie MayLinaBell examining a butterfly with a magnifying glassLinaBellCookieCookieOluStella LouStella Lou dancing balletTippy Blue


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