Elemental Clip Art (png Images)

all-original transparent png images of Ember, Wade, Cinder and Bernie Lumen, Clod, Gale, Lutz, Brook and Harold Ripple and Fern Grouchwood from Disney Pixar's Elemental

Last updated August 1st 2023

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Ember and Wade

Ember runningEmber screamingEmberEmberWade Ripple with his notepadWade Ripple with his arms crossedWade RippleWadeEmber and WadeEmber and Wade

Cinder and Bernie Lumen

Cinder and Bernie Lumen arriving in Element CityCinder Lumen with her nose in the airCinder LumenBernie holding baby EmberBernie Lumen holding the blue flame

Brook Ripple and Uncle Harold

Brook Ripple and Uncle HaroldBrook RippleUncle Harold
Clod and Fern
Clod holding a flowerClodFern Grouchwood
Gale and Lutz


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