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all-original transparent png and gif images of Pete, Horace, April, May, June, Clarabelle Cow, Gladstone Gander, Morty and Ferdie and Grandma Duck

Last updated September 1st 2023

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Daisy's nieceDaisy's nieceDaisy's nieceDaisy's nieceHoraceClarabelle Cow dancing balletClarabelle CowClarabelle Cow serving drinksClarabelle Cow smelling flowersGrandma Duck holding a cakeGladstone Gander walking with his canenewGladstone Gander walking with his caneGladstone Gander holding four-leaf cloverGladstone GanderMickey Mouse stop signMickey Mouse traffic lightsMorty, FerdieMickey's nephewsMorty, Ferdy playing ballPegleg PetePete with his arms crossedPetePete holding a wrenchPetePetePete dressed as a knight


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