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Lyrics from Movies D – J
The Fox and the Hound II

We're in Harmony

Lyrics from The Fox and the Hound 2
Music and Lyrics by Will Robinson

Copper, Cash, Cash, Granny, Waylon, Floyd

Like the sun and blue skies
Like summer nights and fireflies
Like an itch and a scratch
We're the perfect match
'Cause we're in harmony

Like a tick and a flea, a bird and a bee
A nose and a tail, a horse and a trail
A pond and a frog, a bump on a log
We're hand in glove, an example of

Pure-bred, down-home, true, sweet harmony

Every crowd we face
Every squirrel we chase
Any time, any place
We're in harmony

Listen up, you'll see
We're in harmony
We were meant to be
Together you and me
We're in harmony

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