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Lyrics from Movies D – J
The Fox and the Hound II

Hound Dude

Lyrics from The Fox and the Hound 2
Music and Lyrics by Will Robinson
Performed by Josh Gracin

Copper, Cash

You were headed for the pound, dog
No one wanted you around, dog
And now you're gonna be a found dog
You'll be a hound dude
A hound dude
Yeah, watch out!

The whole world is gonna know you
They'll be fallin' at your paw soon
So bark it up all you want to
And be a hound dude
We're all hound dudes
The big dogs now

Once we were rollin' pups
With nothing but our dreams
Now we can strut our stuff
While the fans all howl and scream

No more small-town dog
No more being just a hound dog
You're a hound dude
Goodbye, leash
I'm a hound dude
No kennel for me
We're all hound dudes
Happy as a flee
We're all hound dudes
On top of the world you can see
A hound dude

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