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Lyrics from Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure


[Fairies:] Hush, fairies
Shush, fairies
'Tis the moment for
Ancient fairy lore

Hush, fairies, shush!
For a fairy tale of yore

[Lyria:] Journey due north, past Neverland
Till a faraway island is close at hand
When you're alone, but not alone
You will find help, and an arch of stone

There's one way across the isle's north ridge
But a price must be paid at the old troll bridge

At journey's end, you shall walk the plank
Of the ship that's sunk, but never sank
And in the hold, amidst gems and gold
A wish-come-true awaits, we're told

But beware and be warned
There's a trick to this clue
Wish only good will, or no good will come you
For the treasure you seek, you may yet come to rue!

Lyrics transcribed by Disneyclips.com

Written by Joel McNeely and Seth Friedman
Performed by Grey DeLisle as Lyria and Julie Garnye as singing Lyria

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