For a Moment

Lyrics from The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea


[Melody:] Okay, get a grip, get the hang of this flipper
It's like slipping two feet into one big huge slipper
This way is left; which way is right?
Well, now I'll be circling in circles all night
Oh, so this is forward; no problem

I can't believe I can do this and more
To swim in the sea like I walk on the shore
Out of my shell, not closed up like a clam
Come see, this is me, here I am!

For a moment, all of me
Is alive and at home in the sea
I'm swirling and twirling, so graceful and grand
Not stubbing my toes getting stuck in the sand

For a moment, life is cool
I'm a splash in the world's biggest pool
This is more than my thoughts ever thought it could be
For a moment, just a moment, lucky me

[Ariel:] If only for one moment
I had shared with you all I know
The sea wouldn't be a mystery
Oh, why did you have to go?

[Melody:] Everything's newer, brighter and bluer
And truer to life than before
Watch me soar!

For a moment, I can shine
Got a grin and a fin, it works fine
My fingers are wrinkly; I really don't care
If all of my curls are curled out of my hair

For a moment, I can feel
All the dreams I've been dreaming are real
Wish my mother could hear it; the sea is my song
For a moment, just a moment, I belong

[Ariel:] I will find you, my darling
And the moment that I do
I'll hold you close, my Melody
And sing the song of the sea with you
Sing the song of the sea with you

[Melody:] For a moment, just a moment, I belong!

Lyrics transcribed by

Composed by Michael Silversher and Patty Silversher
Performed by Tara Strong as Melody and Jodi Benson as Ariel

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