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Lyrics from Movies P – S
Sofia the First: The Floating Palace

Merroway Cove

Lyrics from Sofia the First: The Floating Palace
Music and lyrics by John Kavanaugh and Craig Gerber

Sven, Fish

[Sven:] If you're surfin' 'cross the ocean for a nice place to stay
Been swimmin' 'round the dock of every harbor and bay
Well, look no further than our little realm
We may be under the sea, but you'll be overwhelmed

[Fish:] You'll be so glad that you dove
[Sven & Fish:] Down into Merroway Cove

[Sven:] Our coral reefs are such a lovely site to behold
The water's not too warm and never ever gets cold
Our schools of fishies have college degrees
And every shark, I might remark, says "thank you" and "please"

[Fish:] You'll be so glad that you dove
[Sven & Fish:] Down into Merroway Cove

[Sven:] See, the kelp is awfully yummy
The fish are nice and chummy

[Fish:] The crabs are far from crabby
[Sven:] Well, in fact, they're down right blabby

[Oona:] Through the seaweed we can sneak
For a game of hide and seek

[Sven:] In our underwater nook
Every party's off the hook

So now we've reached the final stop on this, our little tour
It's got a thousand windows, yeah, but not a single door
A castle of coral where mermaids reside
Won't you stay just for the day and I'll show you inside

[Fish:] We're so glad that you dove
[Sofia:] I'm so glad that I dove
[Sven:] You've found a treasure trove
[Sven & Fish:] Here in Merroway Cove

[Sven:] Throw every care away
[Fish:] Troubles all will wear away
[Sven:] 'Cause you're in merry old Merroway Cove
[Fish:] It's nautical and it's nice
It's a virtual paradise
[Sven & Fish:] Merry old Merroway Cove
[Sven:] Yeah!

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