What Do You Know About Love?

Lyrics from HSMTMTS Season 3

[Gina:] You've got opinions
On my life and my relations
But let me tell you what

[Ricky:] Okay, enlighten me

[Gina:] Love is the one thing
That has zero complications
And I can trust my gut

[Ricky:] Okay, you frighten me

[Gina:] Some people know their hearts
The minute true love starts

[Ricky:] Some people read a lot of books

[Gina:] I like books
Some people simply know
When true love says hello

[Ricky:] Some folks are taken in by princely looks

[Both:] Oh, what do you know about love
What do you know about love

[Ricky:] All I'm saying is when you go to climb a mountain
You don't just jump to the top

[Gina:] If it's true love, you can

[Ricky:] No, no
There's scaling and scrambling and too many steps for counting
And the work doesn't stop

[Gina:] Maybe for you

[Ricky:] Love's not an easy climb
You have to take your time

[Gina:] We get a whole life
That's the plan

[Ricky:] That's not a plan
Love's not a thing you get
It's work and tears and sweat

[Gina:] So says the sweaty, smelly mountain man

[Both:] Oh, what do you know about love
What do you know about anything, anything

[Ricky:] Anyone with half a brain would have worn some winter gear

[Gina:] Anyone with half a life would have one friend who's not a deer

[Ricky:] I do!
Any fool who jumps headlong is gonna bang their head

[Gina:] Any fool who doesn't jump right now is probably gonna end up dead
Like I said

[Both:] So what do you know about love

[Gina:] Wow, you're really strong

[Both:] What do you know about love

[Ricky:] I lift a lot of ice

[Both:] At least we know one thing
This trip should be interesting

What do you know about love
What do you know about love

Lyrics transcribed by Disneyclips.com

Performed by Sofia Wylie and Josh Bassett

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