You Do You

Lyrics from ZOMBIES: Addison's Moonstone Mystery


I'm not trying to be mean
Girl, you're just way too naive
Yeah, your world is sugar sweet
But you tripping, you asleep
When you gonna wake up
When the bubble gonna bust
Your wide-eyed ways ain't working
But you just go and think that everyone's perfect

Hold up, wait a minute
Willa got my vibe all twisted
Slow up on that gas pedal
Girl, it's you that's too judgmental
Hmm, glass half-empty much
Too suspicious, just a touch
I'm open-minded; don't throw shade
You've got nothing nice to say

I'd be rhyming all day
You'd still see it your way
Nothing I could say, say
Guess you do gonna do you
You don't wanna listen
Not my fault you're tripping
I will ditch this mission
'Cause you gonna do you, hey

Can't tell me that I'm wrong
When you don't even got a clue
She could drop these bars all day
And teach you something like it's school
So what's the lesson, you've got questions
Yeah, I get it, what's your deal
I don't get why it's a problem
For my girl to keep it real

People take advantage of you
'Cause you're way too nice
Not my fault if you don't see it
I can't make you recognize
Calm down, calm down
You're starting to growl
You don't gotta show your teeth
You should just throw in the towel

You got your opinion
But lyrically I'm winning
Guess you just don't get it
'Cause you gonna do you
You can see it your way
I don't want an essay
You can stay in your lane
'Cause you gonna do you

Lyrics transcribed by

Written by Jack Kugell, Hannah Jones and Matt Wong

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