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Top 10 Disney Villains


10. Lady Tremaine

Final Score: 23/40

Lady Tremaine

Evil goal: Her goal is simply to marry off one of her daughters to the prince; it's what she's willing to do to reach her goal that reveals her greedy, wicked nature.
Score: 5

Evildoings: She treats Cinderella like a maid, though she is her stepdaughter, making her do chores all day, and keeping her confined to the attic. She looks on with cruel pleasure when her daughters tear Cinderella's new dress to shreds.
Score: 5

Craftiness: When the duke arrives with the glass slipper to see if it fits any of the young ladies in the house, she locks Cinderella away, knowing that she is the one the prince has been looking for.
Score: 7

Powers: Lady Tremaine's powers are limited to the control she possesses over Cinderella as her stepmother.
Score: 5

Henchmen/sidekick bonus or minus points: Lucifer does little to help his mistress reach her goal, but by tormenting Cinderella and her small friends, he proves himself a valuable accomplice.
Score: +1

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