Donald Duck Clip Art 8

with images of Disney's Donald Duck juggling, barbecuing, exercising, dressed as a firefighter, an astronaut, a doctor, etc.

Note: These images were colored and clipped by Please include a source link when sharing online.

Running with surfboardDonald Duck, baseball batDapper Donald Duck PointingConfident Donald DuckDonald Duck in loveWalking to schoolDonald Duck leaning on pile of newspapersDonald Duck, sunflowerHat in handsPacingConfident Donald DuckDonald DuckWavingAngry Donald DuckThinkingDonald Duck's faceShockedImpatientJugglingExplorer Donald DuckWearing sombreroFlexing musclesExercisingWorking by the trainDonald Duck, groceriesDonald Duck, marracasFlipping burgers on grillFirefighter Donald DuckFirefighter Donald DuckDoctor Donald DuckDonald Duck faceAstronaut Donald Duck