Mulan Dress Up Games

Play dress up with Disney's Mulan!

At the Hair Salon
Dress up and make up Mulan and style her hair.
Doll Dress Up
Mix and match full-length dresses, hair accessories, earrings and more.
Makeup Medley
Choose from different dresses, accessories and makeup palettes.
Makeup Medley 2
Mix and match dresses, accessories and shades of makeup.
Fancy Dress Up
Dress up and make up Mulan for a special occasion.
Little Princess Mix & Match
Dress up and make up Little Mulan.

I have to do something.

About Mulan

Mulan is a brave and loyal young woman with a sturdy heart and a noble spirit. Her determination sees her through the most difficult obstacles.

Full name: Fa Mulan
Movie: Mulan
Homeland: China
Pets: Little Brother the dog, Khan the horse, Cri-Kee the cricket
Friend/guardian: Mushu
Eyes: dark brown
Hair: black
Style: 8th to 10th century Chinese