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Pocahontas Dress Up Games

Play dress up with Disney's Pocahontas!

Pocahontas & Pounce
Dress up Pocahontas and her Palace Pet, Pounce the bobcat. Popular
Makeup Medley
Choose from different earrings and makeup palettes.
Makeup Medley 2
Mix and match accessories and makeup palettes.
Little Princess Dress Up
Make up and dress up Little Pocahontas.
Pocahontas at the Ball
Get Pocahontas ready for the ball.

About Pocahontas

Adventurous Pocahontas enjoys all that nature offers. She loves to go swimming and canoeing with her friends Nakoma, Meeko and Flit. Her open mind and eagerness to learn more about the world around her has made her wise beyond her years.

Movie: Pocahontas
Voiced by: Irene Bedard
Eyes: dark brown
Hair: black
Likes: canoeing, running, swimming
Love interests: Kocoum, John Smith, John Rolfe
Friends: Nakoma, Meeko, Flit, Percy

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