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Moana Quiz

1. In her narration of the story of Te Fiti, Gramma Tala describes Maui as all but which of the following?

2. How many years ago did Maui steal the heart of Te Fiti?

3. What falls on Pua while Moana sings 'How Far I'll Go'?

4. What sea creature does Gramma Tala have tattooed on her back?

5. What is the name of the realm of monsters?

6. While climbing to the entrance of the realm of monsters, Maui mockingly guesses that Moana is how old?

7. In an attempt to distract Tamatoa by an appeal to his ego, Moana tells the monster that she had to know how he came to be so...what?

8. Which of these Disney characters appears as one of Maui's transformation misses mocked by Tamatoa?

9. By what unflattering nickname does Maui call Hei Hei?

10. Which of these characters appears in a surprise scene after the end credits?

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