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Top 10 Disney Heroes

Pinocchio was the first main male character to appear in a full-length animated Disney feature in 1940. Since then there have been many more of all kinds. Using the criteria listed below, we picked the top 10 heroes of the human kind.

Criteria: Smarts, bravery, determination and spirit of adventure.

10. The Beast - Final Score: 26/40

The Beast

Movie: Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Smarts: His temper gets the better of him so many times that he very nearly drives away the one last hope he has of becoming human again. Score6

Bravery: The Beast fights bravely against a pack of wolves to save Belle. Score7

Determination: He isn't nearly as determined as other Disney heroes would be to have someone break the spell which was cast upon him. In fact, he nearly gives up against Gaston when his castle is under siege. Score: 6

Spirit of adventure: The Beast takes an awfully long time to try anything new. Score: 7

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