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Cinderella and Friends Clip Art

with images of Cinderella, Jaq, Gus, Perla, Bruno, Major and birds - last updated on January 2nd 2020

Note: These images were colored and clipped by Please include a source link when sharing online.

Cinderella carrying a pumpkin with Gus on it Cinderella, Bruno Cinderella, Lucifer, Bruno Cinderella, birds in pumpkin patch Cinderella, Gus, birds Cinderella, Gus, Jaq Cinderella holding a mouse in her handnew Cinderella, Gus, Jaq Cinderella, Bruno, Major Birds helping Cinderella get dressed Cinderella takes out pink dress Birds help Cinderella get dressed Birds tie Cinderella's apron Cinderella, Jaq, Gus Cinderella, Jaq, Gus skipping rope Cinderella, Bruno Cinderella sharing cupcake with Jaq Cinderella, Jaq, Gus Bird brings Cinderella hair ribbonCinderella, Jaq Cinderella, Jaq Cinderella, Jaq, Gus, Birds Cinderella, mice Cinderella, mice, birds Cinderella, mice Cinderella, mice, birds Jaq, Gus hold mirror up to Cinderella

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