Cinderella Dress Up Games

Play dress up with Disney's Princess Cinderella!

Cover Girl
Dress up Cinderella on the cover of a magazine!

Cinderella's Masquerade
Dress up Cinderella for a masquerade ball in the castle.

Cinderella's Room
Dress up Cinderella in her room in the castle.

Cinderella at the Ball
Get Cinderella ready for the ball at Prince Charming's castle.
Makeup Medley
Choose from different themed makeup, earrings and hair accessories.

At the Hair Salon
Dress up and make up Cinderella and style her hair.

At the Jeweler's
Choose from different bejewelled dresses, accessories and more.

Cinderella & Pumpkin
Dress up Cinderella and her Palace Pet Pumpkin.
Dress up and make up Cinderella and change the color and style of her hair.

Cinderella's Wedding
Dress up and make up Cinderella on her wedding day.

Little Princess Dress Up
Dress up and make up Little Cinderella.

Fancy Dress Up
Dress up and make up Cinderella for a special occasion.
Doll Dress Up
Choose from different full-length gowns, accessories, shades of makeup and more.

Cinderella's Christmas Ball
Dress up Cinderella for Christmas.

Cinderella's Valentine
Dress up Cinderella and Prince Charming.
A dream is a wish your heart makes.
— Cinderella

About Cinderella

Cinderella is a patient dreamer with a kind heart full of hope and optimism. She can always depend on her many animal friends, in particular Jaq and Gus, to cheer her lonely hours.

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