The Evil Queen, the Witch and the Huntsman Clip Art

all-original transparent png and gif images of the Evil Queen, the Witch or the Hag, Snow White and the Huntsman from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Last updated September 1st 2023

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The Evil Queen with her pet crownewThe Evil Queen with holding the heart boxnewThe Evil Queen with her arms crossednewThe Evil Queen looking angryThe Evil Queen holding the heart box guardedlyThe Evil Queen holding out the heart boxThe Evil Queen's cold faceThe Evil Queen's cruel faceEvil Queen sitting on her throneThe Evil Queen drinking her potionEvil Queen holding the heart box proudlyEvil Queen consulting spells bookEvil Queen holding the poisoned apple over the bubbling potion in the cauldronCommanding Evil QueenEvil QueenEvil Queen with her arms crossedArrogant Evil QueenDefiant Evil QueenWitch offering a red appleWitch holding out a red appleWitch trippingWitch dipping apple into poison brew in cauldronThe Witch dipping the poisoned apple in the potionWitch holding out apple from her basketWitch holding appleWitch holding out appleWitch offering apple to Snow WhiteSnow White, Huntsman kneeling

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