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Snow White Dress Up Games

Play dress up with Disney's Princess Snow White!

At the Hair Salon
Dress up Snow White and style her hair.
Snow White's Picnic
Dress up and make up Snow White as she enjoys a picnic with her friends. Popular
In the Cottage
Dress up and make up Snow White in the seven dwarfs' cottage.
Makeup Medley
Choose from different accessories and shades of lipstick and eye shadow.
Baby Dress Up
Dress up adorable baby Snow White.
Snow's Wedding Day
Dress up and make up Snow White for her wedding to the Prince.
Dress up and make up Snow White and change the color of her eyes and hair.
At the Jeweler's
Choose from different bejewelled dresses, accessories and more.
Little Princess Dress Up
Dress up and make up Little Snow White.
Halloween Masquerade
Dress up Snow White in the seven dwarfs' cottage for Halloween. Popular
Evil Queen Makeup Medley
Make up the Evil Queen as she admires herself in the Magic Mirror.

About Snow White

Snow White is a gentle and caring young princess with a romantic disposition and a motherly touch. She is very fond of animals, and they are very fond of her.

Movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Voiced by: Adriana Casselotti
Eyes: brown
Hair: black
Likes: baking, cooking, romance, singing
Love interest: the Prince
Friends: the seven dwarfs

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