Dalmatian Puppies Clip Art 4

all-original transparent images of Penny, Lucky, Dipstick, Little Dipper, Two-Tone, Jewel, Patch and others

Last updated February 1st 2020

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Puppy wearing a tiePlayful Dipstick spilling inkDipstick tripping over feet in a collarLuckyLucky struttingLucky laughingLittle Dipper playing with a ballLittle Dipper in a teapotLittle DipperLittle DipperLittle Dipper back viewLittle DipperPuppyPuppy carrying teddy bearPuppy, ballTwo Tone admiring collarTwo Tone, butterfliesJewelCoy JewelPuppy wearing collarPuppy leapingPuppy nappingMischievous PatchPatchPatch watching tvPatch looking into Kanine Krunchies treat boxPatchPatchPatchPlayful PatchPatchPatchPatch

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