Dalmatian Puppies Clip Art 7

all-original transparent images of Patch, Dipstick, Jewel, Oddball, Domino, Little Dipper and others

Last updated September 1st 2020

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Puppy in shoePuppiesPuppies, bonePuppiesPuppies runningPuppies playingPuppies leapingPuppies in front of televisionJewelPuppies dancingJewel, puppy huggingJewel getting after Dipstick tracking mudJewel looking in mirrorOddball, Domino, Little DipperJewel, puppy, butterflyJewel, puppyPuppies playing pianoPatch, other puppies runningPatch, Lucky covered in sootPuppies playing with boxPuppies playingPuppies in moving boxesPuppies playing in snowPuppies on giant heart back view

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