A Most Befuddling Thing

Lyrics from The Sword in the Stone

Wart as a squirrel

It's a state of being, a frame of mind
It's a most befuddling thing
And to every being of every kind
It is discombooberating

You're wasting time resisting
You'll find the more you do
The more she'll keep insisting
Her him has got to be you
It's a rough game anyone knows
There are no rules, anything goes

There's no logical explanation
For this discombooberation
It's a most bemuddling
Most befuddling thing

There's no sensible explanation
For this discombooberation
It's a most hodge-podgical
Most illogical
Most confusiling
Most bamboozling
Most bemuddling
Most befuddling

Lyrics transcribed by Disneyclips.com

Composed by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman
Performed by Karl Swenson as Merlin

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