Characters Who Fell in Love at First Sight

Some Disney couples discovered their feelings for each other over time (Pocahontas and John Smith, Anna and Kristoff). Some, meeting under less than ideal circumstances, didn't even like each other at first (Belle and the Beast).

Let's explore those movie moments when love struck instantly, though not necessarily on both sides...

Snow White and the Prince
Cinderella and Prince Charming
Aurora and Phillip
Giselle and Edward
Ariel falls for Eric
Eric falls for Ariel
Hercules falls for Megara
Anna falls for Hans
Gaston falls for Belle
Aladdin falls for Jasmine
Pongo falls for Perdita
Tramp falls for Lady
Thumper and miss Bunny
Flower and miss Skunk
Bambi and Faline
Tod and Vixey
Duchess and Thomas O'Malley
Mowgli and Shanti
WALL-E falls for EVE
Quasimodo falls for Esmeralda
Bongo falls for Lulubelle
Ichabod falls for Katrina
Bernard falls for Bianca
Jake falls for Bianca
Tito falls for Georgette
Fix-it-Felix falls for Sergeant Calhoun

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