Minnie Mouse Clip Art 3

Last updated on January 1st 2015. Click on images for full size.

Notice: The following images were colored and clipped by Disneyclips.com. Remember that they are meant for non-profit use only, and are NOT to be taken and displayed elsewhere online as part of a collection without a visible source link. Please read the Terms of Use.

Minnie Mouse skating Minnie playing the triangle Standing in front of a microphone stand Singing into a microphone Minnie the bride Jumping for joy Happy Minnie Dancing With her chin in her hand Minnie's face Sitting down with her chin in her hand Arms crossed Eating a popsicle Jumping for joy Waving Waving Hula hoop Cuddling teddy bear in bedGreeting a butterflyOn rollerskatesShopping Wearing star-shaped sunglasses Minnie the cowgirl doing a rope trick Shy Shy Exercising Lifting weights Receiving a heart in a letter Smelling a flower Dressed up for a carnival Minnie's face Wearing work-out clothes Holding a bouquet of flowers behind her back Heading a parade Cheering Playing soccer

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