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Minnie Mouse Clip Art 4

Last updated on August 1st 2013.

Notice: The following images were drawn (by tracing) and/or colored and clipped by Disneyclips.com. They are meant for non-profit use only, and are not to be displayed elsewhere online without a visible source link. Please read the Terms of Use.

Shy young Minnie in summer clothes Young Minnie relaxing Young Minnie skipping along with a sunflower Minnie the schoolgirl With a butterfly Sprinkling some water from a watering can Playing tennis Lifted up by balloons Hula dancing Minnie the cheerleader Reading a bookMaking a cakeDressed as a clown Playing the flute in a paradeAerobics Ice skating Looking sad Carrying a basket of vegetables Dressed for a carnival In Paris On the beach Holding a bouquet of flowers Wearing a boa Holding balloons Unwrapping a present Wearing an elegant gown Sitting on the couch Drinking a milkshake Wearing work-out clothes Young Minnie with a ladybug Playing soccer

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