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Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Minnie made her debut alongside Mickey in the animated short film "Steamboat Willie" on November 18th 1928. Both characters were voiced by Walt Disney himself. In "Mickey's Follies" in 1929, she was officially introduced as Mickey's "sweetie". In the 1980s, her presence began to expand. The year 1986 was declared "Minnie's Year" at the Disney theme parks, and in 1988, Minnie finally got her first starring role in the musical television special "Totally Minnie". Through the years, she has appeared in over 70 cartoon shorts, television shows and movies.

Minnie's Name Around the World

Germany: Minni Maus
Norway: Minni Mus
Poland: Myszka Minnie
Sweden: Mimmi Pigg


Father: Marcus
Grandfather: Marshall
Grandmother: Matilda
Nieces: Melody and Millicent
Cat: Figaro


Fun with Minnie

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