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101 Dalmatians Puppies

Pongo and Perdita had 15 puppies of their own before welcoming into their family 84 more! Named among their 15 pups in the animated movie and the live-action adaptation are:

Who: appears in the first live-action adaptation as a puppy and in the second as father to Oddball, Domino and Little Dipper
Distinguished by: tail and left ear tipped with black as if dipped in ink

Who: the puppy often seen scratching himself
Distinguished by: nothing in particular

Who: one of the few female puppies
Distinguished by: spots around her neck that resemble a jewel necklace

Who: the puppy who was revived by Roger
Distinguished by: his two black ears and clear face

Who: the puppy who idolizes Thunderbolt
Distinguished by: a patch over his right eye; black left ear

Who: one of the few female puppies
Distinguished by: blue collar; small spots on body and white ears

Who: unknown
Distinguished by: small spots on body and ears

Who: the puppy who seems always to be hungry
Distinguised by: his rather large size

Who: one of the few female puppies
Distinguished by: spots and black ear on one side of the body, no spots and white ear on the other

Wizzer / Whizzer
Who: the puppy who tends to have little accidents
Distinguished by: black back left paw

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