About Anna & Elsa

Quick Facts

Relationship: Sisters
Movie appearances: Frozen; Ralph Breaks the Internet; Frozen 2
Parents: King Agnarr and Queen Iduna
Best friends: Olaf, Kristoff and Sven
Birthplace: Arendelle

Anna, Elsa
Elsa Quick Facts
Elsa portrait

Age: 21 (Frozen); 24 (Frozen 2)
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Crystal blue
Occupation: Princess, then Queen, then Guardian of the Enchanted Forest
Pets: Bruni (fire salamader) and the Nokk (water horse)
Voice: Idina Menzel

Anna Quick Facts
Anna portrait

Age:18 (Frozen); 21 (Frozen 2)
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Eyes: Turquoise blue
Occupation: Princess, then Queen
Pets: Kjekk (horse)
Voice: Kristen Bell

Did you know?

In the Hans Christian Anderson tale "The Snow Queen" (the inspiration for Frozen), there is no Anna or Elsa. The protagonist is a little girl named Gerda.

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Anna, Elsa

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