Goofy Clip Art 4

with images of Disney's Goofy swimming with a dolphin, playing basketball, walking on his hands, playing tennis, riding a horse, etc.

Note: These images were colored and clipped by Please include a source link when sharing online.

Wearing winter scarf, mittensWearing winter scarf, hatCoy GoofyLifting weightsPole vaultingGoofy inner tubeEating ice creamEating popcornGoofy the sailorStanding with footballRunning with footballDreamy GoofyWalking with penguinUnderwater with dolphinThinking hardPointingSkiingPlaying basketballPlaying basketballSlippingPlaying soccerRiding circus horseGoofy, circus sealCowboy GoofyCarrying olympic torchRunningJoggingCovered in bubble gumPlaying footballDreamy GoofyWalking on handsGoofy fishing in a pailThrowing baseballPlaying tennisChased by beesDancingWalking away