Goofy Clip Art 7

all-original transparent png and gif images of Disney's Goofy eating a sundae, skateboarding, goofing around with a monkey, practising archery...

Terms of Use: These images were drawn (by tracing) and/or colored by, and are for non-commercial use. When sharing, include a source or credit link. Don't redistribute/upload as part of a bulk collection of images.

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  • Goofy, butterflies
  • Goofy playing golf
  • Goofy holding an arm out
  • Farmer Goofy
  • Goofy playing football
  • Goofy laughing
  • Goofy riding his bicycle
  • Goofy eating an ice cream sundae
  • Goofy playing tennis
  • Goofy driving a car
  • Intimidating Goofy
  • Goofy slipping
  • Goofy receiving a soccer ball
  • Goofy receiving a soccer ball on the head
  • Goofy overwhelmed by soccer balls
  • Goofy playing soccer
  • Goofy giving thumbs up
  • Goofy tiptoeing at night
  • Goofy on a walk
  • Goofy playing basketball
  • Goofy holding a pencil
  • Goofy camping
  • Goofy playing basketball
  • Goofy monkeying around
  • Goofy the archer
  • Goofy's smiling face
  • Goofy pointing
  • Goofy playing marbles
  • Goofy writing
  • Goofy flexing his muscle
  • Goofy with a smiley face computer
  • Goofy in an airplane


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