Cinderella's Friends Clip Art 2

all-original transparent png and gif images of Jaq, Gus, Perla, Mary and other mice

Last updated March 1st 2022

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  • Gus and Jaq stringing pearls
  • Gus and Jaq riding a scrubbing brush
  • Gus and Jaq
  • Jaq, Gus
  • Gus, Jaq carrying mirror
  • Gus, Jaq, chicks
  • Gus, Jaq
  • Gus, Jaq by glass slipper
  • Gus, Jaq holding glass slipper
  • Gus, Jaq, running with key
  • Gus, Jaq preparing a letter
  • Gus, Jaq
  • Gus, Jaq
  • Gus, Jaq dancing
  • Gus, Jaq
  • Gus, Jaq dancing
  • Gus, Jaq holding key
  • Gus eating cake
  • Gus, Jaq holding flowers
  • Gus, Jaq
  • Gus, Jaq
  • Jaq, Mary
  • Jaq, mice, birds making Cinderella's dress
  • Gus, Jaq, girl mouse
  • Gus, Jaq throwing rice at Cinderella's wedding
  • Mice throwing rice at wedding

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