Brother Bear

Release date: November 1st 2003
Length: 85 minutes
Sequel: Brother Bear 2 (2006)
Preceded by: Treasure Planet
Followed by: Home on the Range
Brother Bear

Movie Synopsis

When an impulsive boy named Kenai is magically transformed into a bear, he must literally walk in another's footsteps until he learns some valuable life lessons. His courageous and often zany journey introduces him to a forest full of wildlife, including the lovable bear cub Koda, hilarious moose Rutt and Tuke, woolly mammoths, rambunctious rams, and more!

Cast of Characters / Credits

KenaiJoaquin Phoenix
KodaJeremy Suarez
TukeRick Moranis
RuttDave Thomas
TananaJoan Copeland
TugMichael Clarke Duncan
DenahiJason Raize
SitkaD.B. Sweeney

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Great Spirits
Rutt, Tuke
Kenai, Koda
Kenai, Koda
Kenai, Koda