Aurora Dress Up Games

Play dress up with Princess Aurora from Disney's Sleeping Beauty!

Aurora Magazine
Aurora: Cover Girl
Dress up Aurora on the cover of Princess Fashion magazine!

Aurora at the Ball
Aurora at the Ball
Get Aurora ready for a royal ball in the castle!

Aurora at the Nail Salon
At the Nail Salon
Make up and dress up Aurora and paint her nails.

Aurora's Birthday
Aurora's Birthday
Dress up and make up Aurora at her birthday party in the castle.
Aurora in Spring
Aurora's Spring Dress-Up
Dress up Aurora on a beautiful Spring day.

Bride Aurora
Aurora's Wedding Day
Dress up and make up Aurora for her wedding to Prince Phillip.

Aurora Makeover
Dress up and make up Aurora and change the color of her eyes and hair.

Fancy Aurora
Fancy Dress Up
Dress up and make up Aurora for a special occasion.
Aurora at the Hair Salon
At the Hair Salon
Dress up and make up Aurora and style her hair.

Little Aurora
Little Princess Dress Up
Dress up and make up Little Aurora.

Doll Aurora
Doll Dress Up
Choose from different dresses, accessories and makeup palettes.

Aurora makeup
Makeup Medley
Make up and dress up Aurora.
Aurora's Valentine date
Aurora's Valentine
Dress up Aurora and her valentine, Prince Phillip.

Aurora's Christmas
Aurora's Christmas Ball
Dress up and make up Aurora for Christmas.

Maleficent makeup
Maleficent Makeup Medley
Choose from different rings and shades of makeup and nail polish.
If you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true.
— Aurora

About Aurora

Aurora is a sweet and gentle princess. She was raised by the three Good Fairies in the woods, where she spent a great deal of her time singing and daydreaming. Her beautiful voice charmed the free-spirited prince Phillip, whom she had met before, once upon a dream.

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