Alice Dress Up Games

Play dress up with Alice from Disney's Alice in Wonderland!

At the Hair Salon
Dress up Alice and style her hair in a lovely flower garden.

Alice's Wonderland
It's a sunny day in Wonderland, perfect for a tea party!

Dress up and make up Alice and change the color of her eyes and hair.

Makeup Medley
Make up and dress up Alice.
Down the Rabbit Hole
See what Alice looks like in each mirror as she falls down, down, down.

Halloween Dress Up
Trick or treat! Alice and the Cheshire Cat are out for Halloween!

Easter Dress Up
Dress up and make up Alice and paint her Easter egg.

Curiouser and curiouser...

About Alice

Alice is a curious girl gifted with a fertile imagination. Her brave sense of adventure takes her into the fantastical world of Wonderland, where she meets many unusual characters.

Movie: Alice in Wonderland
Homeland: England
Pet: Dinah the kitten
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde, with black headband
Style: nineteenth-century European