Disney Characters From Fictional Places

Last updated October 17th 2023

Some Disney characters come from real places we know and recognise; others come straight out of fiction. In this gallery, we focus on those human characters in leading roles who were born in a place that doesn't appear on any map on Earth.

Aladdin, Jasmine
Aladdin and Jasmine both come from the bustling Arabian desert kingdom of Agrabah, which is ruled by Jasmine's father, the Sultan. (Aladdin)

Aladdin movie quiz

Giselle is from Andalasia, a magical kingdom that lies "beyond the Meadows of Joy and the Valley of Contentment". (Enchanted)

Giselle dress-up game

Anna, Elsa
Anna and Elsa were born in Arendelle, a Norwegian-inspired kingdom founded by a Lord Aren. (Frozen)

Ariel comes from Atlantica, a kingdom beneath the ocean ruled by her father King Triton. (The Little Mermaid)

The Little Mermaid quiz

Kida comes from the lost city of Atlantis, once an island that disappeared into the depths of the sea. (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

Rapunzel was born in the island kingdom of Corona, which is ruled by her parents, the King and Queen. (Tangled)

Tangled movie quiz

Raya comes from the land of Kumandra, which is divided into the chiefdoms of Fang, Heart, Spine, Talon and Tail. Each one corresponds to its placement along a river shaped like a dragon. (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Prince Naveen is from the country of Maldonia. (The Princess and the Frog)

Jim Hawkins is from the Planet Montressor. (Treasure Planet)

Hercules was born on Mount Olympus, home of the gods in the clouds, ruled by his father, the mighty Zeus. (Hercules)

Taran, Eilonwy
Taran and Eilonwy are from the land of Prydain. (The Black Cauldron)

Asha is from the Kingdom of Rosas, also known as the Kingdom of Wishes, where anything is possible and wishes really can come true. The kingdom is inspired by the islands of the Mediterranean. (Wish)

Wish characters descriptions

Hiro is from the futuristic city of San Fransokyo (a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo) (Big Hero 6)

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