The Seven Dwarfs Names and Personalities from Disney's Snow White

Last updated November 11th 2023

The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White

Do you know all the names of the seven dwarfs from Snow White? If you watched the classic animated Disney movie, you likely remember your favorite dwarfs and the lyrics to their working song "Heigh-Ho", but how much do you really know about them?

Read on for the complete list of the seven dwarfs in order and find out all about the seven dwarfs' names, personalities and appearance, with fun facts and pictures!

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The Seven Dwarfs Names in Order

Here's the full list of the seven dwarfs in alphabetical order (click any name to skip ahead for more info with fun facts and pictures):

  • Bashful: the name of the shy dwarf
  • Doc: the name of the leader dwarf
  • Dopey: the name of the silly dwarf
  • Grumpy: the name of the surly dwarf
  • Happy: the name of the cheerful dwarf
  • Sleepy: the name of the tired dwarf
  • Sneezy: the name of the sneezing dwarf

About the Seven Dwarfs

The seven dwarfs are supporting characters in Disney's first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which was released in 1937, based on the 1812 German fairytale by the Brothers Grimm.

Princess Snow White met the seven dwarfs, miners by trade, in their cottage in the woods after fleeing for her life from her stepmother, the Evil Queen, who had grown jealous of her beauty. After cleaning up their house and cooking a meal, she fell asleep in their beds and awoke some time later to find them all staring curiously at her. Introductions then followed.

Snow White correctly guessed every one of the seven dwarfs' names, starting with Doc, then Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey and finally Grumpy. (Just like Snow White was able to do, you can pretty easily recognize who's who from the seven dwarfs' appearance, which strongly reflects their unique personalities.)

Snow White meeting the seven dwarfs
Snow White meeting the Seven Dwarfs

As it so happened, the seven dwarfs had just arrived from their work in the mines to find telltale signs that an intruder had invaded their home: the lights were on; the cottage was clean; a stew was boiling away in a pot on the stove.

When they cautiously proceeded to their bedroom to confront this intruder, great was their surprise to find not a monster, but a beautiful princess. Charmed by Snow White's beauty and innocence, they kindly allowed her to stay with them after she told them her harrowing tale and offered to cook and clean for them.

Snow White and the seven dwarfs all got along well and enjoyed singing, dancing and playing music together. But their happy days came abruptly to an end when the Evil Queen learned that Snow White was hiding in the seven dwarfs' cottage. Disguised as an old beggar woman, she tricked the princess into taking a bite from a poisoned apple, which sent her into a death-like sleep.

The dwarfs raced to save Snow White, but were too late. Ever loyal, they kept vigil by her side as she lay in sleeping death in a glass coffin of their making. When the Prince at last awakened Snow White with Love's First Kiss, they all rejoiced and watched her off to the Prince's castle.

The seven dwarfs count among Disney's most memorable and beloved characters because they're truly, deeply good. Their funny quirks make them relatable and only more lovable. They're pure-hearted heroes: fiercely loyal, protective, kind and hard-working - and they know how to have fun, too!

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The Seven Dwarfs Characters List: Names and Personalities


Bashful Personality and Appearance

Personality: True to his name, Bashful is quiet, shy and generally sweet. He often plays awkwardly with his long beard, and at times his shyness is so extreme that he hides his blushing face behind it. His romantic side shows when Snow White offers to tell the dwarfs a story, and he suggests she tell a love story. Whenever he and the princess interact, it's apparent that he has a little crush on her.

Appearance: Bashful has light brown eyes, a large nose and a long beard. He wears a light brown coat and a green hat.

Bashful's Memorable Moments from Snow White

At the mine, Bashful digs up diamonds with Grumpy, Happy and Sneezy. When the seven dwarfs return home from work, Bashful sadly notes that the sugar was washed from his cup, but is delighted to find goldenrod flowers in a vase on the table. When the dwarfs prepare to wash up for supper, Bashful asks Doc whether they have to "wash where it doesn't show".

Bashful Fun Facts

Character voiced by: Scotty Mattraw

Fun fact: Bashful has the longest eyelashes of the seven dwarfs.

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Doc Personality and Appearance

Personality: Doc is the leader of the 7 dwarfs, often giving out orders and sometimes mixing up and stumbling over his words. He has a sensible and practical nature, a kindly disposition and a nervous temperament. All the dwarfs listen to him without argument, except for stubborn and opinionated Grumpy.

Appearance: Doc has brown eyes, a largish nose and a short beard. He wears glasses, a red coat and a golden hat.

Doc's Memorable Moments from Snow White

At the mine, Doc inspects and sorts through the diamonds which Bashful, Grumpy, Happy and Sneezy have dug up. When the dwarfs return home from work, Doc is the first to notice the light inside the house, signalling an intruder. After Snow White insists that the dwarfs wash up for supper, Doc shows them how to do it step by step with "The Dwarfs' Washing Song".

Doc Fun Facts

Character voiced by: Roy Atwell

Fun fact: Doc is the only dwarf who wears glasses and one of a total of 62 Disney characters with glasses. He's also the only dwarf whose name is not an adjective.

Doc Dwarf's name meaning: You may wonder how Doc got his name, and what's the meaning of it? Well, "Doc" is short for "doctor", and was probably given to him because he assumes a position of authority, and gives the impression of having a great deal of knowledge and wisdom (the glasses help drive this impression home).

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Dopey Personality and Appearance

Personality: The youngest of the 7 dwarfs, Dopey is playful and childlike and more than a little silly. He doesn't speak, simply because he never tried to, and communicates mainly through body language. He's rather prone to accidents, but for all the trouble he causes, he's generally well liked.

Appearance: Dopey is the only dwarf without a beard. He has blue eyes, a small nose (the smallest nose of the 7 dwarfs) and large ears. In his green coat and purple hat, he is perhaps the most easily recognizable dwarf in the group.

Dopey's Memorable Moments from Snow White

At the mine, Dopey sweeps up Doc's rejected diamonds and throws them away. When the seven dwarfs return home from their work and suspect that there's an intruder upstairs, Dopey is elected to chase it away. Later, while the dwarfs wash up for supper, Dopey struggles to catch a slippery bar of soap and, accidentally swallowing it, begins hiccuping soap bubbles in comical fashion. After supper, Dopey stands on Sneezy's shoulders to dance with Snow White.

Dopey Fun Fact

Originally, Dopey was intended to speak, and many different voices were tried for him, but none could be found to anyone's liking, so he was made mute.

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Grumpy Personality and Appearance

Personality: As his name implies, Grumpy is stubborn and ill-tempered: a real curmudgeon who often scowls and crosses his arms to show his displeasure and annoyance. He's slow to trust, but has a big heart. Though initially suspicious of Snow White and her "wicked wiles", he slowly warms up to her and leads the charge to save her when she's in danger.

Appearance: Grumpy has dark brown eyes, a rather large nose and a long beard. He wears a red coat and a brown hat.

Grumpy's Memorable Moments from Snow White

At the mine, Grumpy digs, digs, digs for diamonds alongside Bashful, Happy and Sneezy. When the dwarfs return home from work and find something cooking in a cauldron, Grumpy warns them not to touch it, suspecting it might be poison. As the dwarfs gather round the water tub to wash up for supper, Grumpy stubbornly refuses to join them, and instead sits on a nearby barrel to watch them while griping about Snow White and women in general.

Grumpy Fun Facts

Character voiced by: Pinto Colvig

Fun facts: Grumpy has the biggest nose out of the seven dwarfs. He's the first dwarf to speak to Snow White. When she asks "how do you do?", he replies "How do you do what?" Both Grumpy and Sleepy were voiced by the same actor.

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Happy Personality and Appearance

Personality: Happy has a sunny disposition. He loves to laugh and spread good cheer. Unquestionably the most cheerful, pleasant and sociable of the seven dwarfs, Happy bears his name well.

Appearance: Happy has light brown eyes, a small nose, a short beard and bushy white eyebrows. He wears a rust-colored vest over a golden shirt, and a golden hat.

Happy's Memorable Moments from Snow White

At the mine, Happy digs up diamonds with Bashful, Grumpy and Sneezy. When the seven dwarfs return home from work, Happy smells something good cooking in the cauldron and is eager to try it, but Grumpy stops him, warning it might be poison. When the dwarfs prepare to wash up for supper, Happy tests the water and notes with dismay that it's wet. Even though none of the dwarfs want to wash, Happy says he'll "take a chance" for Snow White, if it will please her, and asks Doc if he should "get in the tub". During the "Silly Song", Happy shows off his vocal skills with a yodelling solo.

Happy Fun Facts

Character voiced by: Otis Harlan

Fun fact: Happy is the only dwarf with white eyebrows.

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Sleepy Personality and Appearance

Personality: Sleepy can barely ever stay awake. It's often more that he can do just to keep his eyes open halfway. He's often seen yawning with droopy eyes, that is when he isn't dozing, napping, sleeping, slumbering or snoozing. As such, he seems only partially aware of what's going on much of the time.

Appearance: Sleepy has brown eyes, a largish nose and a long beard. He wears a dust-colored coat and a green hat.

Sleepy's Memorable Moments from Snow White

At the mine, Sleepy transports the diamonds in a cart to Doc, who sorts through them. When the dwarfs gather round the tub to wash up for supper, Sleepy tests the water and notes with a shiver that it's cold. He then asks Doc "how hard do ya scrub"? Later, while Snow White and the dwarfs sing and dance, Sleepy finds himself pestered by a fly and attempts to swat it with a cymbal as it sits on his nose, but predictably succeeds only in swatting himself.

Sleepy Fun Facts

Character voiced by: Pinto Colvig

Fun fact: Sleepy is the first dwarf that appears onscreen. He can be seen from behind, sitting in a cart in the diamond mine.

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Sneezy Personality and Appearance

Personality: Sneezy is rather plain-spoken yet sympathetic. When saying goodbye to Snow White on his way to work, he urges her to be "awful careful" and to "be sure to watch out". It's rather difficult to get a broader idea of Sneezy's personality, as his thoughts are so often interrupted by sneezes!

Plagued by a severe case of hay fever, Sneezy is prone to uncontrollable fits of sneezing. His sneezes are so uncannily powerful that they can blow even heavy objects across a room! When possible, the other dwarfs lend the poor fellow a hand to contain them, for which he is always grateful.

Appearance: Sneezy has brown eyes, a largish nose and a short beard. He wears a dull brown coat and a golden hat.

Sneezy's Memorable Moments from Snow White

At the mine, Sneezy digs up diamonds with Bashful, Grumpy and Happy. When the seven dwarfs return home from work, Sneezy observes that the sink is empty and jumps to the conclusion that someone stole their dishes, but Happy points out that they've been hid in the cupboard. When Bashful shows Sneezy the freshly cut flowers and brings them from the table to his nose, it triggers an epic sneezing fit, which the others try but fail to suppress by covering his nose. Sneezy is the first to remark how pretty Snow White is. When the dwarfs later prepare to wash up for supper, Sneezy asks Doc if "beards count".

Sneezy Fun Facts

Character voiced by: Billy Gilbert

Fun fact: The voice of Sneezy, Billy Gilbert, was a stage and screen comedian known for his sneezing routine.

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The Seven Dwarfs FAQs

What were the original seven dwarfs' names?

In the 1812 fairytale, the dwarfs aren't given names.
In the 1912 Broadway play, they're named Blick, Flick, Glick, Snick, Plick, Whick and Quee.

Are there more than seven dwarfs in the animated Disney movie?

Several other dwarfs were proposed for the movie, but didn't make the cut, including:
Awful, Biggy, Blabby, Burpy, Dirty, Gabby, Gaspy, Gloomy, Hoppy, Hotsy, Jaunty, Jumpy, Nifty, Shifty and Thrifty. Phew!

Are any of the seven dwarfs related?

There is no indication of the dwarfs' being related. Their relationship is perhaps best described as roommates and co-workers who are also friends.

How does the original Disney version of Snow White differ from the fairytale by the Brothers Grimm?

Besides the dwarfs remaining nameless, the Evil Queen makes two more attempts on Snow White's life than she does in the movie, and the dwarfs save her both times.

There you have it: all seven dwarfs names and personalities from Disney's Snow White!

To recap, the seven dwarfs' names in order are:
Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy.
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The Seven Dwarfs names

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
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