Meet the Robinsons

Release date: March 30th 2007
Length: 87 minutes
Preceded by: Chicken Little
Followed by: Bolt
Meet the Robinsons

Movie Synopsis

Join a brilliant young inventor named Lewis as he sets off on a time-traveling journey to find the family he never knew. In the fantastical world of 2037, hip-hoppin' frogs and dogs that wear glasses are as common as talking dinosaurs.

In an amazing twist, Lewis discovers that the fate of the future rests in his hands, but he can't save it alone -- he'll need every bit of help he can get from the wonderfully wacky Robinson family, who help him learn to keep moving forward and never stop believing in himself.

Cast of Characters / Credits

LewisDaniel Hansen
WilburWesley Singerman
Bowler Hat GuyStephen Anderson
MildredAngela Bassett
GoobMatthew Josten
StanleyPaul Butcher
Uncle ArtAdam West
LucilleLaurie Metcalf
CarlHarland Williams

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Lewis and Wilbur
Lewis, Bud
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Bowler Hat Guy
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