Disney Princess Sun/Moon Combos

You may know that there are 12 zodiac signs in western astrology. But did you know that everyone has a moon sign as well as a sun sign?

Your sun sign is determined by your day and month of birth; your moon sign by your day, month, year, place and time of birth. Here's a list of sun/moon combos that we think best fit each Disney Princess's unique personality.

Aries Sun

Anna: Gemini Moon

Anna combines the energy, alertness, determination and daring spirit of Aries with the open-mindedness, cheerfulness, friendliness and communicativeness of Gemini.


Ariel: Sagittarius Moon

Ariel blends the confidence, determination, boldness and competitiveness of Aries with the adventurousness, free-spiritedness, playfulness and honesty of Sagittarius.

Taurus and Gemini Sun

Merida: Leo Moon

Merida combines the stubbornness, determination, loyalty and friendliness of Taurus with the confidence and bravery of Leo.


Belle: Aquarius Moon

Belle blends the curiosity, intellect, expressiveness and adaptability of Gemini with the stubbornness, progressiveness, independance and rebelliousness of Aquarius.

Cancer and Leo Sun
Snow White

Snow White: Capricorn Moon

Snow White presents the warmth, sensitivity, motherliness and depth of cancer along with the decisiveness, discipline, seriousness and love of tradition of Capricorn.


Jasmine: Aries Moon

Jasmine blends the confidence, bravery, loyalty and generosity of Leo with the impulsiveness, daring, competitiveness and frankness of Aries.

Virgo and Libra Sun

Pocahontas: Sagittarius Moon

Pocahontas combines the analytical, intelligent and perceptive mind and introspective nature of Virgo with the enthusiasm, boldness, honesty and adventurous spirit of Sagittarius.


Cinderella: Pisces Moon

Cinderella blends the easygoing, calm, romantic and generous nature of Libra with the sensitivity, creativity and compassion of Pisces.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Sun

Elsa: Cancer Moon

Elsa combines the passionate, mysterious, loyal and intuitive side of Scorpio with the emotional, distant, tenacious and family-oriented side of Cancer.


Rapunzel: Pisces Moon

Rapunzel blends the honesty, optimism, open-mindedness and adventurousness of Sagittarius with the impressionable, dreamy, sensitive and artistic nature of Pisces.

Capricorn Sun

Tiana: Virgo Moon

Tiana combines the ambitious, traditional, down-to-earth and practical Capricorn with the diligent, detail-oriented, prudent, hard-working Virgo.

Aquarius Sun

Moana: Cancer Moon

Moana brings together the stubborn, intelligent, independant and rebellious side of Aquarius with the emotional, insightful, determined and family-oriented side of Cancer.


Mulan: Sagittarius Moon

Mulan combines the rebelliousness, intelligence, inventiveness and independance of Aquarius with the adventurousness, courage and friendliness of Sagittarius.

Pisces Sun

Aurora: Gemini Moon

Aurora blends the emotional, intuitive, impressionable and artistic side of Pisces with the flexible, adaptable, indecisive and charming side of Gemini.

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