Disney Princes List: Names and Fun Facts

Last updated April 11th 2023

Perhaps you know the 12 official Disney Princesses, but do you know the official Disney Princes? There are 10 in total. Read on to find out all the Disney Princes' names and learn some fun facts about these hale and hearty heroes.

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Disney Princes List

Here they are in order of their movie's release date (click any name to skip ahead for more info with pictures):

About the Disney Princes

The Disney Princes are main or supporting characters that appear in animated Disney movies alongside the Disney Princesses. The first prince was introduced in 1937 in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Not all the princes were born into royalty. Aladdin became a prince through marriage. John Smith and Shang are actually not princes at all, but are included on the list as the love interests of Pocahontas and Mulan, respectively, who are considered official Disney Princesses.

There are other Disney protagonists who are princes but are not included in this lineup, and they are:

  • Hercules (Hercules - 1997)
  • Kristoff (Frozen - 2013)
The 10 Disney Princes
The Prince

The Prince

Movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Love interest: Snow White

Parents: unknown

Antagonist: the Evil Queen

Theme song: One Song

Eyes: blue

Hair: brown

The Prince fun fact: The Prince is never named in the movie, but some sources have claimed his name to be Florian, Fernando or Frederick.

The Prince pictures

Prince Charming

Prince Charming

Movie: Cinderella

Love interest: Cinderella

Parents: the King (father) and Queen (mother, deceased)

Antagonist: Lady Tremaine

Theme song: So This Is Love

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown

Prince Charming fun fact: Prince Charming is never given a first name in the movie or its sequels, but some sources have claimed his name to be Henry or Henri.

Prince Charming pictures

Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip

Movie: Sleeping Beauty

Pet: Samson the horse

Love interest: Aurora

Parents: King Hubert (father); mother unknown

Antagonist: Maleficent

Theme song: Once Upon a Dream

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown

Meaning of his name: The name Phillip is of Greek origin, meaning "lover of horses".

Prince Phillip fun fact: Phillip is the first Disney Prince to be given a proper first name. He was in fact named after the late Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth ll.

Prince Phillip pictures

Prince Eric

Prince Eric

Movie: The Little Mermaid

Pet: Max the Old English Sheepdog

Love interest: Ariel

Parents: unknown

Antagonist: Ursula

Eyes: blue

Hair: black

Meaning of his name: The name Eric is of Scandinavian origin, meaning "always ruler".

Prince Eric fun fact: Eric plays the flute.

Prince Eric pictures

Prince Adam

Prince Adam (The Beast)

Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Love interest: Belle

Parents: unknown

Antagonist: Gaston

Theme song: Something There

Eyes: blue

Hair: auburn

Meaning of his name: the name Adam is of Hebrew origin, meaning simply "man".

The Beast pictures



Movie: Aladdin

Pet: Abu

Love interest: Jasmine

Parents: Cassim (father) and Zena (mother)

Antagonist: Jafar

Theme song: One Jump (Ahead)

Eyes: brown

Hair: black

Meaning of his name: the name Ali is of Arabic origin, meaning "noble" or "exalted". The name Aladdin is also of Arabic origin, meaning "excellence".

Aladdin fun fact: Aladdin is the only Disney Prince to become a prince through marriage.

Aladdin pictures

John Smith

John Smith

Movie: Pocahontas

Love interest: Pocahontas

Parents: unknown

Antagonist: Ratcliffe

Theme song: If I Never Knew You

Eyes: blue

Hair: blonde

Meaning of his name: The name John is of Hebrew origin, meaning "God is gracious".

John Smith fun fact: John Smith is the only Disney Prince based on a real person.

John Smith pictures


Li Shang

Movie: Mulan

Love interest: Mulan

Parents: General Li (father); mother unknown

Antagonist: Shan Yu

Theme song: Make a Man Out of You

Eyes: dark brown

Hair: black

Shang pictures

Movie: The Princess and the Frog

Love interest: Tiana

Parents: The King of Maldonia (father) and Queen of Maldonia (mother)

Antagonist: Dr. Facilier

Theme song: When We're Human

Eyes: hazel

Hair: dark brown

Meaning of his name: The name Naveen is of Indian origin, meaning "new".

Prince Naveen fun fact: Naveen is the only Disney Prince with a known sibling (Prince Ralphie).

Prince Naveen pictures


Flynn / Eugene

Movie: Tangled

Love interest: Rapunzel

Parents: King Edmund (father); Queen of the Dark Kingdom (mother)

Antagonist: Mother Gothel

Theme song: I See The Light

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown

Meaning of his name: The name Flynn is of Irish origin, meaning "descendant of the red-haired man". The name Eugene is of English origin, meaning "well born".

Flynn Rider pictures

So there you have it: all 10 Disney Princes! Who's your favorite?

The Disney Princes

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