The Princess and the Frog

Release date: December 11th 2009
Length: 97 minutes
Preceded by: Bolt
Followed by: Tangled
The Princess and the Frog


From the heart of Louisiana's mystical bayous and the banks of the mighty Mississippi comes an unforgettable tale of love, enchantment and discovery with a trumpet-playing alligator, a love sick Cajun firefly and a host of other charming characters at every turn.


TianaAnika Noni Rose
CharlotteJennifer Cody
Dr. FacilierKeith David
Mama OdieJenifer Lewis
RayJim Cummings
LouisMichael-Leon Wooley
NaveenBruno Campos
LawrencePeter Bartlett
Big DaddyJohn Goodman
EudoraOprah Winfrey

Photo Gallery

Young Charlotte, Tiana
Tiana, Eudora
Charlotte, Big Daddy
Naveen, Lawrence, Dr. Facilier
Voo Doo
Tiana, Frog Naveen
Frogs Tiana, Naveen