Release date: June 16th 2023
Length: 93 min.
Preceded by: Lightyear
Followed by: Inside Out 2

Movie Synopsis

Set in Element City, where fire-, water-, land- and air residents live together, the story introduces Ember, a tough, quick-witted and fiery young woman, whose friendship with a fun, sappy, go-with-the-flow guy named Wade challenges her beliefs about the world they live in.

Cast of Characters / Credits

Ember LumenLeah Lewis
Wade RippleMamoudou Athie
GaleWendi McLendon-Covey
Brook RippleCatherine O'Hara
Alan RippleMatthew Yang King
Bernie LumenRonnie Del Carmen
Cinder LumenShila Ommi

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Photo Gallery

Ember meeting Wade
Ember and Wade
Element City
Ember and Wade in hot air balloon
Alan Ripple
Marco and Polo Ripple


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