About Cinderella

Sweet Cinderella dreams of attending the royal ball, but her cruel step-mother forbids it. As the poor young beauty succumbs to despair, her Fairy Godmother appears and, with a wave of her magic wand, transforms her rags into a beautiful gown and sends her off in a regal coach to the castle, where she falls in love with Prince Charming.

Quick Facts

Movie apearances: Cinderella; Dreams Come True; A Twist in Time; Ralph Breaks the Internet
Parents: Unknown
Best friends: Gus and Jaq and other mice and birds
Pets: Bruno the dog and Major the horse
Birthplace: Unknown
Age: around 19
Occupation: Scullery maid, then Princess

Did you know?

Cinderella's birth name is Ella, but her stepsisters mockingly nicknamed her Cinderella because she was often covered in cinders from curling up near the fireplace to stay warm. Ella is a shortened form of Eleanor, meaning "light".


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